My name is Bea and I’m 32.  I live in Lancashire with a lovely husband; three crazy, ridiculous boys; two rude, selfish cats; a soppy, slightly simple dog and two cute, also slightly simple, pet rats.

My parenting style is…erm…well… who knows, really.  I kind of make it up as I go along.  Its served well enough for the last 14 years.  I think children should be told they are loved and adored at every possible moment that you can- without being weird.  I think we need to pick our battles carefully with children- don’t sweat the small stuff.  I expect the boys to tidy their toys away when they are done because its respectful not because I’m disgusted by mess… and Lego really, really hurts a bare foot.  I’m pretty chuffed if their duvets are still on their beds in the morning and not halfway between the bed and the door as they have dragged themselves sleepily from their pits.  I certainly don’t expect hospital corners or military folds.  I’m not averse to using subconscious manipulation to get them to do things- most children will respond favourably to any task that they think is their idea (“Oh it must be awfully hard to find your favourite toys with them all on the floor like this”).  My 14 year old (yes, I was teen mum- I really hate that term but its accurate if nothing else!) is now beyond this but I find the ‘death stare’ is enough motivation.

In many ways I’m really old fashioned.  I’ve been a stay at home mum for the last 4 years- since my mother in law developed terminal cancer.  Previous to that I worked as a shop assistant, part-time.  I will return to similar work again in the not too distant future- I’ve never been career motivated.  Enough money to pay the bills is fine, for me.

This blog is about sharing my tips to live a simple life.  As stress-free as possible.  Saving money and time, where you can, and giving your family the best that is available to you.  And nail polish.  I really love nail polish and nail art.

Much Love,



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